SCM Microsystems

SCM Microsystems is the other name for excellence

When it comes to computer hardware industry, SCM Microsystems needs no introduction. The company deals with designing, development and sale of software, hardware and silicon solutions worldwide. Actually, the company offers a great range of secure digital access products which can be divided into three product groups.

Digital TV: Here, company deals with conditional access modules. These conditional access modules are essential for secure decryption of pay-TV broadcasts. The best thing about these products is that they enable content providers to offer different types of services to users. Hope shopping, home banking, video on demand, interactive games and interactive videos are few of the services provided by content providers by using products offered by SCM Microsystems.

PC Security: Here, company offers smart card reader technology. This technology is extremely important for secure access to personal computers and networks. The products created in this group are used to authenticate users, which is essential for security. ┬áBasically these products support all other security related applications like secure network logon, rivers´ licenses, and electronic passports, digital signatures and so on.

Flash Media Interface: This product group includes digital media readers. These readers are used to transfer digital contents from different flash media.

These are the basic products groups where no one can compete with SCM Microsystems.

Another worth mentioning thing about SCM Microsystems is that company sells directly to OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturers like digital TV operators, conditional access providers, government contractors, large enterprises, computer manufacturers and so on.

To get products and licenses, one can either get in touch with company or check the availability of distributors in his local area. Since they are producing some top-notch products, so, you can find them receiving several awards for excellent work done in computer hardware industry. Because of several collaborations and partnerships, SCM Microsystems is likely to get even better in near future.

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